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Eldoncard Blood Group Test Kit with Free Lancets

Discover Your Ideal Diet with Ease: Get 2 Eldoncard Home Blood Group Tests with FREE Extra Lancets for Accurate A, B, O, AB & Rh Type Testing by Eldon/Home Health!

- Cost-effective: The Eldoncard Home Blood Group Test is an affordable option for individuals who want to determine their blood type without incurring the expense of a laboratory test.
- Additional Lancets: The kit includes two extra lancets, providing users with backup supplies in case of any issues during the testing process.

The Eldoncard Home Blood Group Test is a convenient and reliable way to determine your blood type in the comfort of your own home. This kit includes two tests, allowing you to check your blood type twice for added accuracy. The test also includes instructions for determining your Eat Right 4 Your Type diet based on your blood type, which can help improve your overall health and wellbeing. Additionally, the kit comes with two extra lancets for added convenience. Eldon/Home Health is a trusted brand in home health testing, ensuring that you can rely on the accuracy and quality of this blood type test. With the Eldoncard Home Blood Group Test, you can take control of your health and gain valuable insights into your body's unique needs.