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Blood Type Test Kit with Extra Lancets (5-Pack)

Discover Your Blood Type with Ease: Get 5 x Eldoncard Blood Type Test with A,B,O,AB & Rh Test and 5 x One Step Extra Lancets (5 Test Pack)!

- Cost-effective: The 5 x Eldoncard Blood Type Test kit is a cost-effective way to test for your blood type. The kit includes five tests, making it ideal for families or individuals who want to test multiple times.
- Comprehensive testing: The Eldoncard Blood Type Test kit includes tests for A, B, O, AB, and Rh blood types, providing comprehensive testing for a wide range of blood types. This makes it an ideal kit for those who need to know their blood type for medical or personal reasons.

Are you curious about your blood type? The 5 x Eldoncard Blood Type Test is an easy and convenient way to find out your ABO and Rh blood type. This test kit comes with everything you need to test yourself at home, including 5 test cards and 5 one-step extra lancets. The lancets are designed for single use and make the testing process virtually painless. The Eldoncard Blood Type Test is reliable and accurate, and the results can be read within minutes. With this 5 test pack, you can test yourself, your family, or your friends and discover your blood types together.