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Blood Type Test Kit - 6 Pack with Improved Lancet

Discover Your Blood Type with Ease: New and Improved Home Blood Typing Kit with 6 Kits Included!

- Improved Lancet: The new package comes with an improved lancet, which is designed to minimize pain and discomfort during the blood collection process, making it a more comfortable experience for the user.
- Multiple Kits: The kit comes with 6 kits, making it a great value for families or individuals who may need to test their blood type multiple times or for multiple people. This also makes it a good option for schools or other organizations that need to test multiple individuals.

The Original Home Blood Typing Kit has just undergone an upgrade, with a brand new package and improved lancet. This kit allows individuals to easily and accurately determine their blood type from the comfort of their own home. With six kits included in each package, it is perfect for families or individuals who want to test multiple times. The improved lancet ensures a painless and easy blood sample collection process. Knowing your blood type is important for a variety of reasons, including medical emergencies and blood donations. With the Original Home Blood Typing Kit, you can have peace of mind knowing your blood type at all times.